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Peace be upon everyone who accesses to my blog.

This is my first time of being outside my beloved country, Malaysia. Almost everything is different; the weather, the food, the technology, the lifestyle and many more aspects of life. Frankly speaking, being a first timers as a foreigner in a developed country like Australia make me feel unsecured as well as uncomfortable. However, the fate of being in this situation is not just a range of time to be wasted, but it is an opportunity for self-development. It (self-development) should come in two different ways; exemplifying positive and constructive elements of life such as lifestyles and attitudes, as well as avoiding ourselves from indulging in negative components.

One of the most polite attitude that has amazed me is the culture of saying thank you in whatever situation the person is. I am kind of shocked when people thanking me whereas I am the one who seeks their help. Perhaps others may look at this attitude as a small matter, but it is a very positive mentality. Thanking others' on their efforts of helping us may sooth and comfort them emotionally as well as psychologically. I think I should bring back this attitude to my country as the role of a teacher is not only to spread knowledge and skills, but also to instill  first world class mindsets.

Another dissimilarity is regarding nightlife. Occasionally in Malaysia, we call it a day at around 10 pm. However, there are still restaurants, futsal courts and some other spots operate till midnight. It is so different compared to Australia. Most shops and offices are closed at around 5 pm. Only pubs, nightclubs, bars and casinos are opened at night. In accordance of that, I realize Australians love partying. Almost every night they carry out parties whether in their units or outside. They really 'enjoy' their lives.

Though we have to adapt our physical and mental selves to fit in a certain environment, we must remind ourselves that self-development is never happening if we are at the same stage of life all the time. It is our responsibilities to keep ourselves always in stable conditions whenever and wherever we are. 

" the change you wish to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi)

"Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)."


Life is not always bright, and it is not always dark.
Life is neutral; we are the ones who pattern its empty canvas.

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