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Think positively...
I know it's hard
It's painful sometimes
To forgive others' mistakes
To accept others' opposite ideas
To endure ourselves in challenging situations
To be diligent in contributing good deeds
To be patient towards others' caprice and whim

If we try,
We will feel the calmness by forgiving others
We will be enriched with new ideas and knowledge by accepting others'
We will develop ourselves to be better persons by enduring hardships
We will feel the happiness by contributing diligently
We will achieve the victory against 'ammarah' by being patient.

It's OK to feel like crying or wanna talk to somebody concerning the uneasiness that we might feel
Spit it out
Don't stop there.
Think positively about the outcomes or hikmah
Believe me, we will be able to endure all the pains.

"On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear..."

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